Enhanced Refrigerant Oil


Major benefits:

  • 10 – 30% or more reduction in cooling energy
  • Short term return on investment
  • Will not void any manufacturer’s warranties
  • Increases the oil’s ability to lubricate by 1500%
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased lubricity and integrity of seals
  • Increased protection against oxidation and acid formation
  • Increased volumetric efficiency
  • Reduced laminar flow of refrigerant
  • Reduced run-time of compressors and fans
  • Cooler, smoother and quieter operation
  • Reduced humidity replaced with colder, crisper air
  • Increases employee and occupant comfort and productivity
  • Extensively laboratory and field tested, meets and exceeds all manufacturer’s specifications for refrigerant oils
  • Reduces carbon footprint – For every 1000 kWh saved you keep 1 ton of greenhouse gases from being expelled into the atmosphere


Benefits start 5 minutes after installation!