EverGreen was established to research the feasibility of sustainable power generation. Our research covered all factors such as available technologies that could be adapted to existing raw energy sources such as solar, wind, waste materials, agriculturally grown bio-fuels etc.  New and emerging technologies have also been extensively investigated. We have researched available markets for sustainable energy projects which involves the political and social readiness for change.


EverGreen offers Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency solutions, integrating the proven and operating technologies we represent from around the world.  These technologies are engineered to best meet the demands of our global projects.

EverGreen works in cooperation and harmony with our project partners.  EverGreen provides the small to medium scale power generation facilities for downtown and out of town independent power supply to meet the demands of the local climate.  EverGreen’s diversification in power generation and WtE (waste-to-energy) projects reduce GHG (greenhouse gases), while providing an excellent opportunity to maximize offset carbon initiatives … …


EverGreen has distribution rights for the following proven and working Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency solutions:

  • CHP (combined heat and power) Biomass Power systems
  • WaterMill to best utilize water currents to produce electricity
  • Energy saving utilizing new Evaporative Cooling and Heating Air Circulation
  • Enhanced Refrigerant Oil to reduce electric demand and extend equipment life
  • Energy saving utilizing new Evaporative Cooling and Heating Air Circulation


EverGreen Projects will:

  • Exceed waste diversion requirements
  • Generate designated net kW / MW of electricity annually
  • Generate thermal energy for special applications
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gases
  • Reduce dependency on landfill
  • Protect our underground water
  • Provide an Investment Grade ROI
  • Convert waste to energy


EverGreen Team:

  • We bring together proven partners as stakeholders in our projects
  • Our team is experienced in providing the best fit for each unique project
  • We turn waste challenges into energy solutions by developing customized systems structured to fit the unique requirements for most projects


EverGreen’s clients, projects and technologies are unique and held in the strictest of confidence.